A downloadable game for Windows

BulletHell Planes is a game about shooting your way through endless waves of enemies in your hyper powered aircraft!


Keyboard and mouse

wasd to move 

mouse buttons to shoot (hold for giant LAZOOOR)


left stick to move

triggers to shoot

Special thanks

I would like to give a special thanks to my friends who playtested this game for me and helped me a lot with designing the game.

Jasper Blank - Feature Creep and Playtesting

Tim Wijnberger - Playtesting

Iris "Brasz" Agterberg - Early Playtesting and some more Playtesting


BulletHell Planes FINAL.zip 3 MB
BulletHell Planes FINAL.exe 16 MB
BulletHell Planes SOURCE.yyz 3 MB


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This was a cool little game, but I did run into the same bug as bodgrank. I don't know if you care but thats a pretty easy fix if you just change 0= gameover to 0>= gameover

It has a bug where you continue alive even with negative lives, i realized that i was not dying when i was on -20 lives lol

I love the concept of the plane tilting its shots and think more shoot-em-ups should do this! However, using the mouse buttons for shooting is extremely awkward on a laptop with only a touchpad. Could the shooting keys be doubled on the left and right arrow keys? It was also odd having to figure out that Space Bar, not Enter, selects menu entries. It would be very helpful if these controls were described somewhere in the main menu of the game itself or in a Readme file.